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Qualifications and Role

I am a UKCP registered clinical psychotherapist and counsellor.
My studies took place at the Metanoia Institute in London where I gained a Clinical Diploma in Person-Centred Psychotherapy and an MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy.

My practice is founded on the work of Carl Rogers, a humanist psychologist who pioneered the Person-Centred psychotherapy model. Rogers believed that each of us has within us the resources to grow and develop to our full potential and lead a happy and healthy life, but that this process may be hampered, disrupted and distorted by relationships and life experiences, both past and present.

Contributing to his theories were Rogers' close observations of the biological process of plant growth - that the more fertile the soil in which the seed was sown, together with optimum levels of light and moisture, the more the plant would grow and develop to its full potential. He also noticed that even in the darkest, driest conditions that the plant would still tend to grow to the best of its ability. Applying this process to human development, he understood that as therapist he could offer the optimum conditions for growth by creating the fertile soil for the client - a safe, empathic, non-judgemental and trusting space, within which a more authentic and healthy life energy could be nurtured and tended to.

My role therefore as therapist is to offer you a safe, confidential space within which I can hear the personal difficulties, the blocks and challenges that you are currently facing - to try and understand what it's like to be you. This is done through listening carefully and compassionately, trusting that you know what is safe to share, what may be too painful and that you know which direction to go in. My place is both alongside you as well as to gently challenge you, for us to work relationally and collaboratively.

Therapy is a space away from your everyday life where you can explore any aspect of yourself that arises, where all of you is welcome. It's an invitation to embark on a journey towards deeper self-acceptance, understanding and compassion.

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